Network automation helps businesses to save time and money and make the processes more flexible and agile

What is Network Automation?

Network automation is the process of using software to automate network and security provisioning and management in order to continuously maximize network efficiency and functionality. Network automation is often used in conjunction with network virtualization.


Network Automation?

Network Automation enables you to speed application deployment by automating network and security provisioning and management through the complete application lifecycles and across data center and cloud environments.

5 Benefits Of Network Automation

Mitigate the risk of human error

Lengthy and cumbersome manual processes involving network devices are prone to errors, even if your company has IT staff members who are capable of carrying them out. It is highly probable that automating such processes would lower the chances of error occurrence, even as network changes are successfully carried out on the first try. Aside from avoiding troublesome incidents resulting from manual changes, automated network configuration can prevent the network from breaking down, increasing its reliability. Network security rules also become easier to enforce, allowing security audits to be passed without any need for further investigation.

Reduced onus on IT staff

Since network-related processes are run automatically, IT staff only need to see if these were triggered and implemented without any hitch, although they must also remain on alert against potential problems. They also do not need to document configuration changes in network devices, as reports that have this information are often already available. Thus, IT staff become more productive as they are able to focus on strategic initiatives that drive business improvements and attempt to make your processes become more efficient.

Process standardization

With standard processes implemented throughout the network, potentially troublesome situations within the IT infrastructure are avoided, even as day-to-day maintenance activities become routine. Even if a network administrator leaves, the next person in line may be just as capable of handling administration tasks as older, more experienced staff members. However, you should keep in mind that initiating a staff reduction just because your company has implemented network automation may not be necessary since the processes still need to be run by capable people.

Improved augmentation

Network automation can help boost your IT infrastructure’s ability to scale, even as it runs complex analysis based on inputs from the various devices available within your network. It allows speedy rollout of new services, devices, and applications based on established and reusable processes. Network automation also allows your network to handle increased usage demands before they impact performance. This scalability would not be possible in manual networks without significant investment in time and manpower.


Optimal network performance is achieved through automated updates and changes that are undertaken regularly and without fail, unlike in a manual setup where processes that take time may be overlooked because of the effort involved. In addition, network automation results in simpler management tasks due to the availability of tools that allow monitoring of network performance and alert your staff to potential errors before they occur, helping them prevent downtime and achieve service level agreements with relatively minimal effort.

intent-based networking

Intent-based networking is an emerging technology concept that aims to apply a deeper level of intelligence and intended state to replace the manual processes of configuring networks and reacting to network issues.

Intent Based

Network automation

Manage by Intents, Not Devices

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Manage your hybrid network by capturing the network intents—the policies, paths, and configuration —crucial to your business applications validating their compliance and performance.

Assure Application Performance

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Continuously monitor network behavior to proactively address anomalies that could affect specific applications before they impact the business.

No-Code Automation

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Leverage no-code technology to easily encode and automate the management of your entire network by focusing on network design Intents rather than device-level tasks.

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